It would appear that the purpose of the landline—especially one with a number still listed in the phonebook—is to answer robo-calls

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We “old folks” pay too much for this basic lifeline, considering the kind of abuse it gets from robo-callers who never add our names to the Do Not Call list, despite their promises. But we still think it is worth it to be able to call out in an emergency.

Does this even matter?

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There are ED sufferers out there who are suffering, and if, by the grace of God, one of my posts can offer the small push they need to seek professional help, or work up the courage to open up to a loved one about what they’re going through, or to find the hope that they can stick to their recovery model, or even just that they’re not as hopelessly alone as they think they are, then this blog has done what I set out for it to do, some five years ago.