When it comes to communicating with each other, there’s nothing clearer and more complicated at the same time: The most efficient and effective method of 
conveying information to and within a development 
team is face-to-face conversation

Keywords: agile, Communications, COVID19

Complicated when the intimacy of a material tête-à-tête isn’t possible like now with the COVID-19 induced social distancing regiments.


Good Morning World!Today’s topic: The art of conversation

Broke Kitty Beauty

Well technically it’s 1pm here in PEI but for the majority of people I know it’s only 9am on a Friday. So good morning my people! How are ya this fine day? What are you plans? Where is your life taking you today? I wanna know! It helps keep me a part of everything and staying connected. Wanna talk? Great! Message me, email me or text me and we’ll face time to have a conversation. Speaking of conversation when was the last time you had one? Like an actually deep conversation filled with passion, personality and a little bit of arguement? I can tell you this. I haven’t had one in a about 4 weeks now because I don’t know people here. But I shouldn’t be letting that stop me. I just had an english test on summarizing where I had to read an essay and then create a summary…

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