Never Filter Kindness

kindness, Love, sales

Michele Leppard

It is so important to remember that we should never filter kindness. For over 20 years, I have worked in many various sales roles. The one thing that I always found perplexing was when calling a potential client, and the receptionist answering the call would treat me like a subclass human.

Here is an example, “Hi, this is Michele from XYZ company, may I speak to Mr. Smith?” I said. “What is this in reference too? ” She asked. “I am simply calling to introduce my firm, as we may be able to help him with……”. And before allowing me to finish my sentence, she replied, “No, he’s not interested” and hung up the phone.” I would think to myself, how does she know he’s not interested, she didn’t even ask him. I’m sure he would get numerous sales calls per day, and her job was to funnel those calls…

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